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Paragon Height Communications

ParagonHeight Telecom/IT Engineering company is dedicated to the provision of the finest solutions in Telecoms and Information Technology (IT) services at competitive rates. With the varied and diverse services segment of the telecom market, we leverage on our expertise for the provisioning and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure. Our aim is to be the leading provider of services to telecom operators, vendors and potential fixed mobile communications businesses in Nigeria, and expanding to West Africa. Our members of staff and engineers are highly trained and dedicated professionals with proven years of experience in the Telecom and IT industry.

Our Telecom’s group specializes in Network Design, Network Deployment & Optimization, Switching and Maintenance. Elgadol also have considerable experience in the area of Cellular and Data networks, PCS, GSM, CDMA, TDMA, iDEN, in-building design etc. Our services can range from the supply of component parts like RF-Connectors, Cables, Antenna, Weather Proofing Kits, Jumper Cables, Microwave Splitters, Attenuators, Termination Dummy Loads, DC Block, Adapters, DC-DC Converters, RF Switch, Waveguide, etc, to RF Deployment and to Full Cell Site Build and Maintenance.

Our IT services group specializes in a variety of services like Ecommerce, Web and Application development, Database development and administration, etc. With the convergence of technology within the ICT sector, we are able to deploy leading support services to providers, enabling them to leverage their platforms, thereby providing cutting edge services to their subscribers.

Our highly trained and motivated personnel are viewed as our biggest asset and are prepared to work long hours required to help meet set targets by our clients.

Adegboro Adekunle

Head, ParagonHeight IT

ParagonHeight Solution Limited

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